Yana Alana And Tha Paranas are award-winning cabaret artists, whose awards include:


  • Best Production 2010 Greenroom Awards
  • Best Cabaret Artiste 2010 Greenroom Awards
  • Best Ensemble 2010 Greenroom Awards
  • Best Musical Direction 2010 Greenroom Awards
  • Best Original Music 2010 Greenroom Awards
  • Best Director 2010 Greenroom Awards


  • Best Cabaret Artiste 2009 Green Room Awards
  • Best Director 2008 Green Room Awards
  • Best Cabaret Award  2007 Melbourne Fringe Festival


  • Most Outstanding Artist and Group 2010 ALSO Awards

The Green Room Awards are ‘Melbourne’s premier arts award ceremony.’


Green Room Nominations for 4 awards including Best Production, Best Original Music, Best Musical Direction and Best Cabaret Artiste 2009  for ‘Bite Me Harder’

Green Room Nominations for 6 awards including Best Production, Best Cabaret Artiste, Best Musical Direction, Best Ensemble, Best Original Music, Best Direction 2008 for ‘Bite Me’.

Diva ALSO award Nomination 2008


“I loved everything about this show.” Rebekka Salmi, Australian Stage Online.

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“Brilliantly delivered stand-up.” Cameron Woodhead, The Age newspaper.

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“Yana Alana’s best attributes are all of them…I can’t help but feel empowered by this girl every time I see her.” Nikki Thomas, Australian Stage Online.

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“Yana Alana is the fabulous character creation of Sarah Ward (Sista She) that’s a cross between Snow White on steroids and a dominatrix. The humour is side-splittingly funny, often delivered through poetry and song. It’s got bite and is ever so naughty. You haven’t lived till you’ve seen one of Yana’s shows.”

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